UX Stock Image From Unsplash
UX Stock Image From Unsplash
UX Stock Image From Unsplash

How I started

My UX journey started in April 2020 out of both interest and finding a new path for myself. Like many around the world, I lost work due to COVID-19. As a freelancer, I was the first to be cut and the job market was non-existent before the summer. I was able to get one interview in March but missed out on the 5th round of interviews. Following this, frustration and worry grew and I had to do something to fix this.

With a lack of jobs available, I spent more time online and saw an increase in UI posts on…

As someone who likes to travel this year has sucked! But when life returns to some “normality” globally, I will be looking forward to travelling and better yet on an off-season deal.

When planning a trip, I use the combination of Skyscanner and AirBnb/Booking.com due to the options provided and how cost-effective it can be when booking a holiday. Another app I like to use is Secret Flying. Secret Flying delivers a range of different flight options based on “secret deals” e.g. …

WhatsApp Stock Image
WhatsApp Stock Image

Becoming a new UX designer you not only have to get comfortable with designing but also with why you are designing. It’s great if something looks nice, but how does it help the user? How accessible are the functions? How easy is the product, device or software to use and how quick it is to learn and recognise?

Through my case studies and Daily UI challenges, I improved on my understanding of UX and taking these accessibility guidelines into my designs. …


For the case study, I will be focusing on the music streaming service for DatPiff. DatPiff is an online distribution platform that was launched in 2005. It specializes in hip-hop, rap, and urban music.

Target demographic:

· Aged: 18–30 (millennials).

· Hip-hop/rap fans

· Digital savvy enough to stream music

All aspects of this case study have been done and managed by me.

I will be focusing on the app’s homepages, menu navigation and music player layout. I’ll focus on these issues as the DatPiff app doesn’t have many similar features to its competition (top 10 music apps in the…


I am currently undertaking a UX course with Circular and have been given the task to improve the current form engine of a bank of my choice, by enhancing the user journey (ie: usability, accessibility and information architecture tweaks). For the task, I will be designing an online landing page and a sign-up form for business accounts — showing a positive user journey. The case study was set by the Circular team (including the target demographic).

Target demographic:

· Aged: 26–50.

· UK Business owners who turn over £2m — £10m yearly.

· Company size: Small, Medium enterprise business owners.

Aaron Wright

Embarking on a UX journey — more information: https://www.awrightmedia.co.uk/ux

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